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Revealed: What life insurance companies won’t tell you in 2019

Revealed: What life insurance companies won’t tell you in 2019

Brexit isn’t the only thing worrying UK residents in 2019, with many citing financial security for their families as a major concern for the future.

As responsible people, we are always on the lookout for affordable ways to ensure our loved ones aren’t left with unworkable levels of debt in the future.

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Before plumping for a life insurance policy, however, there are a number of key factors to consider that many life insurance companies will neglect to tell their potential customers.

Well, to help we here at Reassured are here to make sure you get the right quote for you at a price suitable to your budget and to help you start your search we have listed the three most important things to consider before getting a quote from anyone:

What life insurance companies won’t tell you

  1. Switch and Save

    Most people don’t even realise if the cover they currently have is not only sufficient for their needs but also good value for money.

    It is estimated that 79% of life insurance policy holders have never switched and as such may be vastly over paying for their cover.

    Here at Reassured we provide a free, personalised quote by comparing cover from all the countries top insurance companies, making switching a piece of cake.


  2. Make sure you get enough cover.
    Most experts advise that you get life insurance cover to the value of 10 times more than the main household earner earns, even more if you have children in your family.

    This is important when you bear in mind the vast amount of debts your family may be burdened with after your passing, including funeral costs, mortgage payments, loans, and other living expenses.

    While it’s important your life insurance gives good value for money, it is also extremely critical to get the maximum amount of cover you need for your situation. This is where Reassured can help you.

    Our search engine searches thousands of life insurance companies and can provide you with up to £149,000 cover from as little as £10 per month.

  3. Don’t risk your family’s future by being one of the 3 million families without life insurance

    A shock report last year claimed that up to three million families in Britain are putting their futures at risk by having no life insurance cover in the event that a family member dies unexpectedly.

    With mortgage costs and other debt at record highs, how are your family going to cope if household income shrinks dramatically?

    For those without a mortgage, it’s important to remember that day-to-day costs could be difficult to cover with significantly less money.

    Our free service here at Reassured will give you quick and easy access to the best value life insurance policies available.

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    *Quotes are based on £149,217 of level term life cover for a period of 10 years, for a 38-year-old non-smoking woman with no previous medical conditions. Prices are correct as of December 2017. Actual prices may vary depending on individual circumstances. Source: