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Life Insurance

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Why Life Insurance is Important

Life insurance is one of those things that everyone knows is important but they neglect because they don’t see it as being important right now. It’s something for a future version of themselves to worry about. We know the potential consequences of not having cover but ignore them because there’s plenty of time to sort it out. Right?


If you don’t have a life insurance policy you’re seriously in danger of putting your loved ones finances at risk in case of an unexpected tragedy and with statistics showing that over 40% of households across the UK have little or no insurance cover, there are an awful lot of people willing to play Russian Roulette with their family’s well-being in the event that they pass away suddenly.

The Consequences of No Cover

If you don’t have comprehensive life insurance coverage or aren’t sure if your cover is adequate then your family could be left out of pocket after your passing and the bills start rolling in. After your death your immediate family could be liable to pay any outstanding mortgage balance or other secured loans, child care costs, arrears on utility bills, plus many other additional debts you may have, all with a potentially lessened income stream. The average funeral cost alone in the UK comes in at over £4,000. Without life insurance this would be something else for your family to deal with.

This Is Your Family

You are the provider for your family and cover mortgage repayments, credit card bills, etc.

Without Life Insurance

Should you die, your family will still have to all their pay living expenses without your salary.

With Life Insurance

Your family will receive a tax-free lump sum of money to help them through the difficult times ahead.

So, Who Needs to Buys Life Insurance?

We know that buying life insurance isn’t the adrenalin rush purchase that most modern people are looking for. It’s not that exciting holiday or that new electronic gadget that gives instant gratification and you certainly won’t wake up one Sunday and think, “I know I think I’ll treat myself to a new life insurance policy.” But, not buying life insurance could be one of the worst mistakes you ever make.

  • The sad fact is that most people will only try to buy life insurance when something prompts them to do so. This could be an illness to yourself or someone close to you or you are required to buy it to take out a loan or mortgage.

If you speak to someone from the younger generation about life cover you’ll probably get a funny look and possibly a comment like, “Isn’t that something for old people?” They’re wrong of course, but it’s an easy mistake to make. Mortality is seldom thought of when the likelihood of it happening to you seems such a long way off. The truth of the matter, however, is that the younger generation are exactly the people who need it the most.

Waiting until old age to sort out cover, or worse, waiting until you are ill, is completely the wrong time to buy. The older you are and the closer to death you become, the more expensive cover becomes. First time premiums for the older generation can run into hundreds of pounds, whereas the same premium for a twenty something could be just a few quid per month.

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