Life & Critical Illness

Life & Critical Illness

Make sure that you have the right critical illness cover that will take care of any money worries that arise because you have fallen seriously ill and are unable to work.

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What is critical illness cover?

Critical illness cover is a type of insurance that pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness during the life of the policy.

How does critical illness cover work?

If you are diagnosed with a condition named in a critical illness policy you will be able to make a claim and receive a pay-out. The amount you get is normally tax free and can go towards medical expenses or anything you wish to spend the money on.

This Is Your Family

You are the provider for your family and cover mortgage repayments, credit card bills, etc.

Without Critical Life Cover

Should you die, your family will still have to pay all their living expenses without your salary.

With Critical Life Cover

Your family will receive a tax-free lump sum of money to help them through the difficult times ahead.

How do you choose the right critical illness policy?

To make sure you get the best critical illness policy for you, you need to think about:

  1. How much cover you need: Each insurer will offer a maximum amount you can be covered for.
  2. What conditions you want covered: The illnesses you want to be covered for will dictate the cost of any policy.
  3. How long you want the policy to run for: Most policies have a maximum term you can have a policy for, or a set age you can be covered until.
  4. Your age: Your age will affect not only your ability to get critical illness cover, but also the cost of premiums.

If you want cover that is not limited to a set term, or ends when you reach a certain age, you can opt for a whole of life critical illness policy.

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How to apply for critical illness cover

Depending on who the insurer is and how they provide services, you could get a quote:

  • Online, by completing a form or using a comparison site
  • On the phone, by speaking to a critical illness specialist at the insurance company
  • In person, Speak to a financial adviser at a local branch

Alternatively, you can speak to a broker who will help you get the best policy for you.

How to get the best price

Use a comparison service to find the cheapest critical illness policy for you.

Quote process are based on:

  • The cover you have chosen
  • The amount you want to pay each month
  • How long you need the policy for.

If you need help or guidance on what type of policy is right for you, you can speak to one of our financial adviser today.