5 reasons why you need to get life insurance

5 Reasons For Life Insurance

Millions of residents across the UK are in danger of putting their families through financial difficulty due to having no life insurance cover.

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Research has shown that most people don’t know how much life insurance cover they have or, even worse, don’t realise that they need it in the first place. Misinformation about costs and eligibility can lead to you paying too much or, worryingly, having too little cover or the wrong type of cover altogether.

Life insurance can provide the ideal safety net to protect your loved ones from unforeseen costs in the event of your death. But what type of cover do you need and how much should you be spending for the cover you need?

Well, this is where we come in. In this article we break down the 5 things you need to be aware of to make sure your are properly covered and why smart customers are turning to us at Your Quotes to get the best quote for them.

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Why smart customers are turning to Your Quotes

  1. Life insurance is the best way to provide for your children… even if you don’t have them yet

    Life insurance is the ideal solution to provide for those financially dependent on you, particularly children or even grandchildren.

    It’s not just your partner you need to think about. One of the biggest drains on finances is children and if the worst happens to you, would your family be able to adequately ensure your offspring are provided for? No matter how much you contribute to your household income, those closest to you may face an uphill battle if they are suddenly faced with a reduction in income.

    For these family members, a life insurance pay-out, whether that is a lump sum or regular monthly payments, could be exactly the thing they need to help with everyday expenses such as childcare, rent, food, and utilities.

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  2. Life insurance increases financial security and provides peace of mind

    Life insurance is essential if you have outstanding debts such as mortgage or loan payments, and can help provide financial peace of mind that these bills will be covered in the event of your death. Unpaid debts such as credit card bills can be an unwanted burden for loved ones and a life insurance pay-out can help them cover the costs of these after you have passed away.

    It is also worth keeping in mind too that money will be needed to cover funeral and burial costs, which can easily run into thousands of pounds. It’s important to make everything as easy as possible at what will be a very difficult time for your loved ones.

    You can even leave a lump sum large enough to help your family start a business or embark on some form of education that will help set them up in future life.

  3. Using a company like your quotes that compares quotes from all top life insurance companies cuts out all the hard work

    “Shopping around” for life insurance used to mean making a lot of phone calls and scribbling notes in an effort to figure out the differences of each policy. Many people still do this today without realising how easy search tools like Your Quotes can make the entire process.

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  4. You can get life insurance cover even if you have a pre-existing medical conditions

    Most people believe that pre-existing medical conditions will affect the life insurance coverage they can get. This isn’t always the case and It’s important to realise that all quotes are based on an applicant’s individual circumstances. There’s no denying illnesses such as asthma, heart disease, and cancer have an impact on the cover available to you and potential cost, although most insurance companies will still give you a reasonable quote despite these conditions.

    Our qualified brokers here at Your Quotes take the time to listen to your specific needs before advising on a policy that’s best for you at a price that is right.

  5. We have thousands of happy customers

    Thousands of customers have trusted us to find them life insurance cover and our five star rating on Trustpilot is well earned. Reading some of our reviews, which include comments like: ‘first class service’, ‘excellent options’ and ‘explained everything in fine detail’, it’s no surprise that over 90% of those that use our search engine give us a massive thumbs up.